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Nota#1 » 23 Abr 2016, 12:31

[+][S9] General remake of Prohibited Symbols System
[+][S9] General remake of Monster Group Regen System for Medussa Event
[+][S9] Added Gens Ranking Reward Month refresh for Gens Ranking Refresh option
[+][S9] Added new option to file CanDarkWizardUseSkillsWhileTeleport
[!][S9] Fixed Blood Castle event boss monster spawn issue
[!][S9] Fixed Sceptor Skill attack range
[!][S9] Fixed PK Level increase in Battle Map when enemy gets killed by Muun
[!][S9] Fixed minor issues with Raklion Hatchery even monsters spawn
[!][S9] Fixed Chaos Machine socket rates not being applied to Exc Socket Items
[!][S9] Fixed ability to join guild of different Gens trough Guild Matching System
[!][S9] Fixed ability to purchase and use selection of Master Scrolls by specified character classes
[!][S9] Fixed improper configuration of Quest
[!][S9] Fixed rare scenario of Game Server crash
[!][S9] Fixed Data Server crash

IMPORTANT: Update reqires Microsoft Redistributable Visual Studio Package x64 - Update 2 - http://download.microsoft.com/download/ ... st.x64.exe

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